November 08, 2014

Richard Burns Rally on Oculus Rift

Oculus rift breathes new life into this fantastic simulator. Richard Burns Rally is 10 years old, recognised for it's realistic physics and feel. The company that created the software Warthog was sold to Gizmondo which then went bankrupt. The title is kept alive by a community of modders. Sadly Richard Burns himself died in 2005.

The oculus rift mod has been developed Keijo "Kegetys" Ruotsalainen. You can download from his blog here -

You will need RBR + the 1.02 patch which is available here -

Please watch my video review with commentary or my silent review (below) for those that don't like to hear me yammering on. In short the game is phenomenal, a fantastic sense of movement, speed, elevation, etc, etc. An innovative menu system and layer within layer of oculus rift headset donning that made me think I was starring in either Inception or eXistenZ.

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