December 31, 2013

Lego Stephen Hawking V2.0

This is my homage to Stephen hawking in Lego (tm).

Animated Gif:

July 29, 2013

Budget Media Center PC Using Raspberry Pi and XBMC

Instructions to create your own budget XBMC media centre for less than £50.

Buy a raspberry Pi model b:

buy an hdmi cable:

buy a network cable (you probably have one in your BT modem box in the attic:

You might have one, if not buy the power supply:$ja=tsid%3a13315%7ccat%3a38622903%7cprd%3a38622903

Buy an SD memory card that works with Raspberry pi:
List of working SDs -

This one seems to be the cheapest it's on sale!! - (SDSDU-016G-U46) -

Wait for postman... dum dee dum...

Stick the SD card in your PC / laptop, follow the following very simple instructions:

Stick SD card in Raspi, plug in ethernet, plug in hdmi to raspi and tv, plug in power. Watch as your TV turns into something amazing.

Spend the next few weeks reading how to configure XBMC and watching geeks on youtube ;)

June 17, 2013

All your Friends have disappeared on your iPhone Latitude App - FIX SOLUTION

Google have been messing around with the latitude feature, its been integrated into the google+ and google maps apps for Android. When they did this they also broke it for all the other apps including the latitude app for iPhone. Result - all your friends appear to have gone. Boo Hoo.

The solution is to log in on an android device and check the box to enable latitude from either google maps or google+, then as if by magic your friends reappear on your good old iPhone latitude app.

Note - Google will fix this for iPhone users, but really, we are not a top priority.  It will happen at some point with a google maps or google+ app update.

So you don't have an android device, how to fix this NOW!

It's easy...

1) Download and install the free Bluestacks Android emulator:
2) Start it up and search for the google maps app.
3) You will have to sign in to google play to download the free apps. Once that is done, load it up.
4) Click on the latitude icon and then enable everything.
5) Look at your iPhone latitude apps and all your friends are back!
6) Relax and enjoy all your friends, family, colleagues and security agencies tracking your every move.

Hope this helps.

KUDOS to Jason Harris for being the original person to figure this workaround out. I tried Jason's method using AndroVM but oddly it didn't work for me, but tweaking the proceed to use the bluestacks app did.
Original method -!topic/maps/a2hPv1iPnvM%5B1-25-false%5D

March 17, 2013

Raspberry Pi dual webcam CCTV with motion detection

I built this self-contained, motion detecting, remotely accessible CCTV system. Runs Ubuntu, built with super-low form-factor Raspberry pi system and lego. 2 x playstation3 eye cameras with 8 microphone array. "Motion" software running multi-threaded config. Stores snapshots and time-lapse locally and shares motion events via dropbox (for linux) from both cameras independently. Viewable remotely via iPhone app and web. Total cost: £50, nearest equivalent commercially available device: £300.