September 03, 2009

Star Wars Force Trainer - No Kidding!

I must admit, I love a gadget and I am not too ashamed to state that I am a big fan of Star Wars. Well, as "toys" go, this is up there with the rubix cube (tm) and hula hoop (probably tm).

The Star Wars (tm) Force Trainer is a wireless headset utilising cutting-edge EEG sensor technology, this is linked to a little device which converts your "thought energy" to control the rise and fall of a little ball in a tube. Apparently you can master this, controlling the ball with your mind with great accuracy.

Various annoying star wars themed sound effects and the obligatory yoda impersonator are all in there too. Sounds like too much fun for the kids, that is for sure.

Firebox have them in the UK, be sure to tell them who sent you.

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